Aberdeen Trashspotting Association (ATA)

A Trash-Spotting Journal

19 April 2006

Entry the Third - Organisation

After perusing the manifesto written by the master council we have decided to make an outline for the organisational composition of the association:

Boodge-Jimframe - Craig "Nak Nak" Lam, being the founding member.
Cardo - Philip "Philippe" Middleton, being the able lieutenant, pronounced lef-tenant, please.
Devil - El Loto.

I plead for more members.

09 April 2006

Entry the Second - Prospective members

Any Aberdonian who wishes to join our esteemed fellowship may email me at craig.lam(at)gmail.com. Gentlemanly/womanly conduct and diction are a must.

With pleasant anticipation,

Craig "Nak Nak" Lam.

08 April 2006

Entry the First - Trash-Spot Prologue


To analyze the curbside recycling and general refuse of a household, especially with a long-term view.

Once again the seeming limitations of distance are surmounted with ease by the Internet. Through this miraculous tool we have received the gift, the ideal, the notion of Trash-spotting - a gentleman's sport. Our pioneering leader, Emeril LeGoinegasque, has expressed the need for community among the disparate Trash-spotting cliques. We in Aberdeen, Grampian, Scotland hearken to this call. Thus this "blog" has been created and thus it shall stay, albeit with multitudinous augmentations and reports.

With bated breath,

Craig "Nak Nak" Lam
-More members added soon upon formal registration to our association-